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Mucha definitely was not a type of artist who was doing art for art’s sake. It was rather applied arts as he was an illustrator, a designer. Although he had an ambition to create something great, meaningful - his magnum opus. It required lots of money so in 1904 he set off to US to gather funds….

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Barbara Gordon
HeroesCon 2014 sketch
Done for the amazing and talented and handsome Rico Renzi.  I had free reign to do whatever I wanted, so I decided to do a fashionization so I can stand out amongst all his other Batgirls.  
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The new Batgirl design has been often credited to Cameron Stewart OR Babs Tarr but rarely to the both of them. The design process was in fact a collaboration with both artists contributing to the final design.

Cameron: When DC first approached me about taking over Batgirl as…



Justyna N

Childhood Lost

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Ben Young.

Ben Young hand cuts hundreds of panes of glass to create his visually stunning sculptures.  Drawing inspiration from his boyhood in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand the now Sydney, Australia based artist creates mostly scenes of aquatic beauty:

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18 tips for comics artists by Moebius "brief manual for cartoonist "
http: //www.jornada.unam.mx/1996/08/18/sem-moebius.html
5. when you make a story you can start with out knowing everything, but making notes (in the actual story) about the particular world of that story. that way the reader recognizes and becomes interested. when a character dies in a story, and that character has no story drawn in his face in his body, in his dress, the reader does not care, there's no emotion. and then the editors say: "your story is worthless, there's only one dead guys and I need 2) or 30 dead guys for it to work" but that is not true, if the dead guy, or wounded guy or sick guys or whomever is in trouble has a real personality that comes from study, from the artists capacity for observation, emotion will emerge (empathy). In the study you develop an attention for others, a compassion, and a love for humanity.


You Yoshinari designs for Production I.G’s upcoming Mass Effect anime.

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Thomas Brissot

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